There is so much yet to See

Roseann, Age 70

Just wanted to share a story I wrote in the eve of my 70th Birthday…I hope you enjoy it and that it provides smiles to your day…

It is the eve of my 70th Birthday…I wonder what I was doing, thinking, feeling 70 years ago, when I knew I was about to enter the lives of Sarah and Willie…as their first born child. I wonder if I was gazing down from our some star and viewing the brownstone houses on Henry Street in Brooklyn, a tidy Italian-American neighborhood, the third floor apartment, with a little bedroom tucked in the corner of the railroad apartment that would be my home for 10 wonderful years. I wonder what I was doing, thinking, feeling- knowing that my Life was about to start, but perhaps not fully knowing at all where it would take me.

My dad told me I was born late at night, maybe around 11 pm. He said he was at the hospital, Long Island College Hospital, just a few blocks from our home on 487 Henry Street. He told me that when he came home, he yelled in the corridor, “It’s a girl!“ and woke up my grandparents. If I remember his story correctly, I think he said something like my grandmother came out in the hallway and said, “That’s nice,” and went back to bed! I was the second grandchild of a future large grouping of future grandchildren- each of us waiting in line, I guess, for our time to be born and share the Journey together.

I was always shy and I believe, a little fearful in those early years. When I was 7, I found out from newly innovated eye exams at Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Elementary School, that I had really bad vision, with really bad astigmatism and I really needed glasses, badly! I remember the first time I put them on- a whole new world opened up to me. Before that, everything was foggy. People’s faces were foggy, I couldn’t see too far down our block- but I thought that was how things were! Once I could see better on the outside, I think I also felt more real on the inside- maybe because the world was now more connected to me, maybe because the fog had lifted. But wearing glasses at that age and time had a price tag to pay- I was called “four eyes,” made fun of and so began the beginning of self-consciousness…of not feeling pretty or good enough…and we all know how those paradigms go and where they lead to.

Throughout the many years that followed, my glasses would be always on again, off again; in my pocket, on my face, back to my pocket. In school, wear them. Outside of school, go back to the fog of self-consciousness, and a sense of inferiority. This went on until I was about 20 years old.

I went to Puerto Rico with my then boyfriend, then husband and then ex-husband and now friend, Peter. Totally chaperoned by every relative there. One day, we went into town, and as usual I had my glasses in my pocket. We were on the steps of a church and I remember seeing so much color around me- I said to myself, “I have to take a peek to see what this really looks like.” So I sneaked my glasses on when no one would see me and I saw this amazing world of beauty all around me…The town, the flowers, the waters beyond…Right there and then, I realized how stupid I had been all those years of choosing to stay in the fog because so many years before that, someone had called me “four eyes.”

I decided then and there, that was the end of that…I would wear my glasses- because I wanted to see the world. I wanted to see people’s faces- to know who it was who was waving to me from across the street! I wanted to see the Beauty all around me…

This story comes to mind on the eve of my 70th Birthday…All through the decades, we transform, we change, we grow…We learn, we suffer, we cry, we laugh and smile. We are confused and lost, we are found and reborn- over and over again. We love and are loved, we abandon and are abandoned, we yearn, we dream, we hope, we desire. We explore and search…We find Truth and we somehow find the courage to honor all that Truth shows us. We are at war with ourselves, we make peace with ourselves. Day after day, year after year, decade after decade, little by little, we find a Sacred Place within our own Hearts…It was always there, it was always there. The Love was always there.
In that Sacred Place, there is no fog…and there is also no need for glasses…We see the story of our lives unfolding before us. We now see how all the millions of life experience moments have been creating this most precious Mosaic…It is the Story of our Life. It is the Imprint Life has made upon our Soul, and it is the unique and precious Imprint that we have made upon Life.
As I write this, I can visualize my mother, Sarah and my dad, Willie, here with me. I wonder what they would say to me… I thank them deeply for being the channel for my Birth and my Life. Their Essences are interwoven within me and are their Gifts to me on this special birthday.

So as I now cross this threshold to a new decade of life, I am aware that the time ahead of me is so much less than the time that has passed. I want to live each day as preciously as I can, as sacredly as I can, with as much Love and Commitment and Gratitude as I can. I want to SEE clearly…Though there is so much hardship and suffering in our world, I want to also see the Beauty and Love, feel the Beauty and Love that Life- All Life, All Sentient Beings- has to give…There stirs within an unquenchable desire for Ongoingness…

I remember well a quote from Anne Frank’s diary- unbeknownst to her, that her diary would one day be found, she had written, “I want to go on living even after my death…” And so she has- and she didn’t have to plan it or manipulate it in any way to make it happen. I kind of feel like that- I want to go on living even after my death… And I realize that the best way to be remembered is to live well, making beautiful memories with every person who touches my day…open to the imprint that they make upon me, and humbly grateful that I can-in some way- also create an imprint of memory upon them.

And so on the Eve of my 70th Birthday, I am filled with a new sense of Life that awaits me and all. I plan to celebrate this birthday in some small way every day of the year! Living each new day as a new Birth Day…I wear my glasses very proudly now…Thankful, there is so much yet to See…

With My Love and Peace Always,

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Positive Aging: What’s the Secret?

Hello friends,

Here’s a link for a webinar I created and presented with my daughter, Gabrielle for our mutual sorority’s Alumnae speaker series. It was a special and rare pleasure to have a project to share with her.

It requires a registration, but there is no charge for it, and no further obligation on your part.

It’s  an intergenerational discussion about aging well…                     You’ll see why we called it “Postive Aging: What’s the Secret?”

It lasts about 38 minutes (a little less if you move the time line during the initial pause as people signed on), so make yourself comfortable for the viewing.

We hope you’ll find it interesting and will share your thoughts and reactions.

My best,                                                                                                           Jane

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Aging gracefully in the West Indies

Anette, Age 72

I am 72, mixed Asian and living my life to the fullest and I want to share some thoughts with my kindred spirits. I live in a tropical island in the West Indies. I have four grown children who live away from me, and six grands. I no longer babysit, as I have made that abundantly clear a while ago. I love my family..they are my joy and passion, but now I am living for me.. My husband passed away in 2015, so I live alone in my spacious house. I still work part time, I like being alone because being alone has a power few people can handle.

I weigh 127 pounds, petite 5′ 2″, adequately proportioned as well and I am in good health so far. I dress classy, wear 4′ heels and wear appropriate makeup. I am always complimented about my looks for my age and I still attract the opposite sex. I have discovered that I am more in tune with a forty year old guy than one nearer my age. I find them impotent in comparison.

I attribute my health to my continuous use of Premarin, since my menopause at 55 years, which is advised against by health professionals worldwide. My own view is that when your body stops producing estrogens, everything starts shutting down agewise- so what’s the harm in continuing to introduce this remarkable hormone into your system? Personally, the pros far outweigh the cons as evidenced by myself. I am not in any gym, I do a bit of walking now and then. I have a very active social life and I enjoy attending live shows, card games, travelling and I love sharing naughty jokes with my few friends, Actually, I have far outlived my contemporaries,some of whom are still around, but they are not enjoying good health.

I consider myself blessed as I optimistically look forward to another fulfilling year of my life. I never ask for many years, all I want is one more as I fully live in the now. That’s the only sure thing in my life as tomorrow is never promised. My eating habits have always been the same, small quantities several times per day and I partake of everything that I like and want to eat.

I shall appreciate hearing from any 70’s who share similarities with me.


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In sickness and in health

Anonymous,  Almost 70

I have had a few health scares of late…one of them possible Glaucoma….but not tested yet due to a terrible reaction to some medicine prescribed for eyelid dermatitis by one ophthalmologist which propelled visit to another ophthalmologist He is the one who said you might have glaucoma but we both chose not to test for it at this point because of skin/eye irritation from the medicine I have been taken. I have an appt. with him in 3 weeks for Glaucoma test.

Why I am really writing to Seventy Candles…is for any special advice on how to be in the moment with such worries and possible illnesses or whatever. I know as they say it can be worse….and have always had a bit of a hypochondria personality…but my love of life personality always managed to outweigh it….but lately not as easy…and I’m turning 70 this month ..and I wonder if that makes me more anxious. I don’t like this new me. However, I still love life, I am active etc..but this hypochondria and some very real possibilities is seeming to get more attention in my mind.

Have any of you experienced this? Any advice from any of you insightful women on how to deal with this would be so appreciative.


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I cherish each birthday

Janie,  Almost 68

I have been looking for a blog to share with other women around my age for quite some time. Today I stumbled upon your site. How wonderful, I loved reading the stories so far.

I am in remission from breast cancer (2 years) and as a result my perspective on life has definitely changed. I look forward to my 68th birthday with happiness and glee. I used to dread growing older but now I cherish each birthday.

I line dance with other senior women twice a week. I highly recommend it if you can, great exercise for the body and mind, and the opportunity to meet other women your age.

My husband and I have 5 shared children and 11 grandchildren, we are blessed. We recently downsized to a duplex. This was difficult for me, we had a beautiful home and I always equated that with success. However I am not minding the house cleaning, much easier.

I retired from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. I was so used to working it took me forever to get used to retirement. I now highly recommend it. The key is to stay involved.

I have rambled enough, thank you for the opportunity to connect with other women who are in their “golden years”.


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What’s next?

Diana,  Age 72

What’s next in your life?

We’re old enough to know (thankfully) that life doesn’t end at seventy. It continues to challenge, frustrate, and satisfy.

There’s always a next step – we’re old but we’re not out – what’s the next step in your life?

My husband and I moved to Knoxville on his retirement to be near our daughter and her family. We have a single family house in a nice neighborhood, with friendly neighbors but no close friends our age nearby
Our health is good now (and we do Everything in our power to keep it that way), but we know that someday we’re going to need a smaller place.

So my ‘next step’ is wondering when and where to downsize yet again.

I’m thinking two more years here, then get serious about selling and moving. But moving to what? I haven’t heard of any great senior communities here in Knox County and there’s no way I’m going any further from my support system. (Great solutions always appreciated.)

So what’s next in your life?

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To move or not to move?

Carol,  Age 69


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Unquenchable desire for Ongoingness

Roseann,  Almost  70

I will be 70 years old tomorrow…Jan. 5, 1948 was my entrance into this world…

I just found this site, through the gift of the book “70 Things to Do When You Turn 70.” I work 28 hours a week as an addictions counselor and addictions educator- and today, due to the snow and frigid temperatures, our office is closed. How blessed am I- or I would not have picked up the book to read and discover your website.
Its funny, but the thought came to me to celebrate my birthday with all of you- who are also 70 and beyond…A sisterhood for sure. For we have lived, loved, laughed, cried, explored our Hearts and Souls, and are filled with an unquenchable desire for Ongoingness…I remember well a quote from Anne Frank’s diary- unbeknownst to her, that her diary would one day be found, she had written, ” I want to go on living even after my death…” And so she has- and didn’t have to plan it or manipulate it to make it happen. I kind of feel like that- I want to go on living even after my death. And I realize that the best way to do that is to live well, making beautiful memories with every person who touches my day…open to the imprint that they make upon me, and humbly grateful that I can- in some way- also create an imprint of memory upon them.

I told my friends that I did not want any birthday gifts this year- I have many scarves, books, bracelets, candles, figurines of Angels and so on- and I cherish them all- but do not really need any more…I told them what I wanted from them is to spend time with them- that would be the best gift ever. I told them that they have 365 days in which to plan something with me for this birthday year- a breakfast, lunch or dinner at a local dinner, a trip to the ocean, a day in the city, a trip to the gardens, a spiritual workshop, a concert etc. ( I will pay my own way- the gift is the gift of time…) Something special- and it had to be for more than just one hour! We are always rushing, rushing, living life in time slots…The gift is to spend quality time and just BE together in the precious moment. I will take photographs of each wonderful “Being Together Day,” and make a book of it…

This is my dream and I will let you know how it turns out!
So to all those on this website, may I offer my hello to you and thank you for being here, on the eve of my 70 th Birthday…It is cold and snowy outside (actually, its freezing and tomorrow is supposed to be worse!) but I feel warm and loved within…I hope to be here a long time- for I do so enjoy and am in awe of the Journey…I hope that is part of the Soul Plan…There are so many Hearts I have yet to meet, so many places yet to see, so many words yet to write, so many prayers yet to pray…Happy Birthday to me and to all of you…Each day can be a new Birth Day…

Thank you for listening- and for helping me celebrate this special time of my life…

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We send our very best wishes to all the women who are part of our 70Candles! family.

Your wise and heartfelt participation continues to make this blog a place of warmth, comfort and inspiration for women everywhere.

May 2018 be a year of health, friendship and fulfillment for you all.


Jane and Ellen

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Ireland-to do as I like

Pam,  Age 74

Hi all,
I’m 74 and not finished. I would like to accomplish one more item on my to do list, which is to travel back to Ireland alone. Spend a few weeks/months just doing my stuff. Many years ago I visited Ireland with my spouse (at the time), but didn’t feel free to do some of the things that I wanted to do. I plan to rent a car and travel, but not sure about driving on the wrong side of the road. I don’t want to take a bus tour. I would also like to rent a cottage to do my writing and just do as I like. Any feed back would be welcome.

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