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A change in attitude

Author unknown A woman who has crossed 70 & is heading towards 80 was asked what sort of changes she is feeling in herself. She sent the following: 1 After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children and … Continue reading

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Aging but Dangerous Women Leap from Plane, Drink Martinis

Hello, Each year, a group of Aging But Dangerous women gather on an airfield in central Minnesota to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and celebrate life afterwards with a pitcher of martinis. The fearless leader of Aging But … Continue reading

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Greetings from Chile!

Patricia, Age 81 Hello, I am an 81-year-old woman, in good health (with a few exceptions, normal like car with a lot of miles). Married, twice, two sons, two grandchildren. I live in Chile, by the sea side, a small … Continue reading

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Positive Aging Newsletter-More from the Taos Institute

Happily Ever After: Emotions in Old Age The stereotypes of aging as a time of regret, loss, and longing are one-sided and need to be challenged. Continuing evidence reveals that emotional well-being improves from early adulthood to old age. The … Continue reading

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Sandra,  Age 68 Today is my 68th birthday – hooray for me. 1. I am thankful that I made it this far. I look forward to the morning each night when I go to bed. 2. I am thankful that … Continue reading

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Freedom in being this age

Peggy,   Age 69 I have been reading your book and feel sad for so many that feel their life is over.  I still work 10 hour days as an OB nurse.  Yes I go home tired but so do … Continue reading

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An appreciative gent

Ray, Age 53 I am a 53 year old gent i have been married to my wife for 1 year having been dating her 6 years. She has just turned 70 and she is most wonderful beautiful woman i have … Continue reading

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Bridging the decades at almost 95

Maggy, Almost 95 I’m 95 as of March 14th and remember Turning 70 as the ONLY decade birthday that bothered me. I remember early 30s and 40s as the best time of my life. 40th and 50th birthdays? Not traumatic. … Continue reading

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Goals: Summer Challenge

Jane, Age almost 74 I’ve read that having goals is healthy for mind and body. I just started my own summer lap swimming, adding two more lengths of the pool each time I go in. Started at 15…..now at 22. … Continue reading

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