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Now that our book, 70Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade has been published, we see that it is a wonderful catalyst for discussion at women’s book groups, at senior centers, and at retirement community gatherings. We’re seeing that the topics we cover in our book, even resonate with older men.

Here’s the link for purchasing the book:


Let’s use this site to chronicle the group meetings across the country, and the world, where the book has been the focus of conversations.

We’d love you to share your anecdotes here.

Jane and Ellen

11 Responses to 70Candles! BOOK GROUPS

  1. Sonya Weinstein says:

    What about Zoom book clubs?
    We could have a good amount ladies read a book, then 3 weeks later Zoom meet to discuss it.

    • Blog Mavens says:

      This sounds like an excellent idea.
      If you’re able to initiate a Zoom meeting, why don’t you choose a book, set a date and time and invite our readers to send you their email addresses. Let’s see if that works. You don’t need many to create an interesting group discussion.
      Jane and Ellen

  2. Connie says:

    The book is disappointing.

  3. Joie says:

    Would love a group in Atlanta Georgia Joie

  4. Jean Whitcomb says:

    I would love to join a group in Southern NH.

  5. Linda says:

    would love to see a group in Milwaukee Wi ????

  6. Blog Mavens says:

    Book Group Discussion Questions for 70Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade are now included in the Kindle/Nook editions.

    Find them on Amazon.com

  7. Ronnee Yashon says:

    it is also out on KINDLE, I got it through amazon.

  8. lorraine roses says:

    Hi, I’d like to buy the 70Candles book, so I clicked on “the book” button on
    this website–the link seems to be broken.
    My friend and I want to buy the book!


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