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Pearls of wisdom from 70 Candles gatherings

“Don’t be afraid of aging. We’ve been aging since we’ve been born and it’s a great thing to get older.” “The most important thing is to extract the sweetness from life and see the big picture. We know what the … Continue reading

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Bumps in the road

Jerry, Age 69 I stumbled onto this my search for, what? I don’t know. I just turned 69 in November, and the first birthday that has traumatized me. I am having the worst time with it..reading some of the … Continue reading

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View from age 23

Though, I am only at the beginning of my third decade, I can really relate to the tensions many of you face as you enter your 8th decade and grapple with identity both within your careers and out of your … Continue reading

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The Riches of This Age

Patricia, Age 72 Generally, this is a fine and liberating time of life, enhanced by the great richness of friendship with women (most of them over many decades), the freedom to pursue pleasure far more than duty and the delight … Continue reading

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Ever thankful New Zealand

Peggy, Age: Just 70 I grew up in an orcharding family in New Zealand, my Grandfather having planted one of the first orchards in Hawkes Bay. Wonderful childhood with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Lots of Aunties and Uncles and … Continue reading

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