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Pam, Age 72 I recall the moment when I realized that I had passed some “age” bar in the minds of others. I was in the hospital having carpal tunnel surgery because I could no longer swim or bike comfortably. … Continue reading

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Jane Giddan, Age 71 Hearing loss creeps up quietly, usually gradually. At first, you don’t notice the absence of leaves rustling, water dripping, wind whistling through trees, tissue paper crinkling or violins singing in high register within the orchestra. There’s … Continue reading

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Thoughts from a 70Candles gathering: What shall we do when we no longer pursue our careers? We might retool, retrain, pursue new ventures, or volunteer where there’s a need. Re-tiring can be like putting new tires on a car – … Continue reading

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As the first generation of women in professions, we are very different from our mothers. They could be teachers, nurses or secretaries; few ventured beyond limited offerings, and when they did work, the generation before us stayed in a single … Continue reading

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