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Getting our second wind

Phyllis, Age 70 On Ellen Degeneres’ anniversary of her 1500 shows, I heard her say this, “I wear Cover Girl make up because it makes me feel younger and more beautiful.” I barfed and protested that sexism and ageism on … Continue reading

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Alive and kicking!

Carmen, Age 70 I turned 70 this week. A male good friend just introduced me to your site. Interesting and supportive. I’m a grandma and a mother of 3, a spouse of 1, a special friend of 12, a friend … Continue reading

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We move on…

Loss By Jerry, Age 79 What pill exists to mask the pain we feel, No powder, salve, elixir Can soften the crush. No X-ray can reveal it. What remains both hurts and heals, An avalanche of memories Cascades and carries … Continue reading

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A daughter’s inspiration

Karen, Age 51 My Mom My mom is resilient. She is able to start up, restart, keep going. I know her life hasn’t been what anyone would call ‘easy’. But when I watch her pick up and begin again, I’m … Continue reading

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Then and Now

Written at age 18 as a college sophomore In 1928 (as Dora Sapp) I’d Like to Know By Dora V. Gordon I often wonder what I’ll be At the age of seventy Old and bent and doubled in two Knitting … Continue reading

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My Meandering Mississippi By Jerry Harris The meandering Mississippi of my mind, Flows southward, carrying with it, A name of the person My wife lunched with yesterday. A small matter, to be sure. My family keeps track of such things, … Continue reading

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Trying to understand

Phyllis, Age 70 I began my turn at 69 though I did not know it at the time it was happening. And for nearly 2 years now I have been browsing over my experiences living from childhood to now, trying … Continue reading

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