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Attitudes about aging

Here’s a new article from the Washington Post about the effects of our attitudes about aging. Let us know what you think about this. Jane and Ellen https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/cliches-about-only-being-as-old-as-you-feel-are-starting-to-have-scientific-backing/2018/04/13/4ccd9c4a-3125-11e8-8abc-22a366b72f2d_story.html?utm_term=.74d3142df15f

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Positive Aging Newsletter-More from the Taos Institute

Happily Ever After: Emotions in Old Age The stereotypes of aging as a time of regret, loss, and longing are one-sided and need to be challenged. Continuing evidence reveals that emotional well-being improves from early adulthood to old age. The … Continue reading

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The next decade

Anne, Age 77 I read about your website and book in the New York Times. I see from your initial posting that you two were born about the same time I was (October 29, 1940). I am a very lucky, … Continue reading

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Poem about aging

Frances, Age 69 I am not old… she said I am rare. I am the standing ovation At the end of the play. I am the retrospective Of my life as art I am the hours Connected like dots Into … Continue reading

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Thanks for letting me vent…

Evelyn, Age 73 Live in Iowa, my birth state. I have always loved my native state, all four seasons. But as I get older, the snow and frigid weather of winter is taking its toll on me. My husband is … Continue reading

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Any ideas that might help?

Jan, Age 77 I am a widow for the 2nd time. First husband died of heart problems after we were married 25 years. We had a wonderful life did everything together. Ten years after he died I remarried a widower … Continue reading

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Not especially enjoying life

Susan, Age 71 Hello, My husband was diagnosed with degerative spinal stenosis 14 years ago. Previous to that we had 15 years of health and financial difficulties after moving to North Carolina. His disease has definitely gotten worse with each … Continue reading

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Making a 70Candles! group

Roseann, Age 70 On Jan. 4, 2018 I found your website through your essay in the book 70 Things to Do When You Turn 70. I placed a posting and was so happy and comforted in the kind and insightful … Continue reading

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There is so much yet to See

Roseann, Age 70 Just wanted to share a story I wrote in the eve of my 70th Birthday…I hope you enjoy it and that it provides smiles to your day… It is the eve of my 70th Birthday…I wonder what … Continue reading

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Positive Aging: What’s the Secret?

Hello friends, Here’s a link for a webinar I created and presented with my daughter, Gabrielle for our mutual sorority’s Alumnae speaker series. It was a special and rare pleasure to have a project to share with her. It requires … Continue reading

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