Freedom in being this age

Peggy,   Age 69

I have been reading your book and feel sad for so many that feel their life is over.  I still work 10 hour days as an OB nurse.  Yes I go home tired but so do my much younger coworkers who have children to take care of.  My boyfriend of ten years and I go country dancing every weekend and we are not the oldest by far.  Several are in their 90’s.  Do we have achey hips, knees?  Sure but we forget because we are having fun.  I go to the gym or walk 5 miles 3-5 days a week.  Do I like looking in the mirror?  It’s an adjustment that’s for sure but some women look worse and some look better.  But my friends and I laugh and joke about how are bodies have changed.  I feel a certain freedom in being my age.  I no longer care what people think.  I hope I embrace 70’s all the way to 80

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