What’s missing?

Bunny,  Age 70

Today is Sunday. After getting bored with FB I decided to google, ‘Info for women over 70’ and to my surprised you guys appeared.  I am thrilled.
I was born, raised, educated and continue to live in Southern California.  I was married 20 years and have been divorced for 20.  I have two adult children, and four grandchildren ranging in ages 18 – 2. I have one sister and one brother who live close by.  I love them all.  I am a retired educator, and a 10 year breast cancer survivor.
My life: I am on two non-profit advisory boards and two committees at church.  I belong two a book club, and one National Organization.  I have a game night every week with a group of friends and meet with another group of high school friends every three months or so.  I also have a base group that I have been friends with for 40 years or so and a few BFF’s, so why am I feeling like there is something missing?
I am in my bedroom that I have been trying to straighten up for weeks, to no avail.  Books, mail, magazines, clothes everywhere.  It is depressing…
I used to send info out on email regarding community events so much that I was encouraged to start a blog.  I said I would, but…I also started to write a series of travel books for children, but…
Physically, I have diabetes that is under control, high blood pressure that is under control, and I am having a problem with one of my knees. I am also overweight, but have lost 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks, so I am on a roll.  Most people guess that I am in my early 60’s, no wrinkles, no make-up and I just cut my hair and dyed the front blond. A new look for me.
I guess that’s about it. I’m so happy I found you.

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2 Responses to What’s missing?

  1. Judith Akers says:

    I am reaching 70 this fall and all of sudden I feel very close to the end. The kids are adults and doing their own thing, friends and happy hour are my life for now. I am feeling sad, I was told today that I will have to have cataract surgery on both eyes soon. How the hell did I get this old??

    • Blog Mavens says:

      I felt the same way as I approached 70. I had never imagined myself at this age. Yes it’s true you are closer to the end than to the beginning…but “close to the end?” Maybe not. In this era of extended longevity, a woman at 70 may have decades ahead.

      Continue to connect with and treasure your friends. They are important supports for the years ahead. Then imagine and evaluate all your options, for there are many. How do you wish to spend the gift of time that lies ahead? Maybe you can get some ideas from this blog, or from our 70Candles! book.

      As for the cataract surgery, as my sister told me, “easy peasy.” And the results, you will find, are astonishing. You will see the world with new eyes. I found colors brighter, details clearer, and driving less effortful…an amazing improvement.

      I hope the change will help you look ahead with optimism. You have your whole life of experience to bring to whatever you choose to do in your 70’s

      Good luck in your exploration,

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