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Ronnee,  Age just 73
Although stories can start at the beginning (birth) mine will start 6 years ago when my husband got sick. No need for details but he died and I looked around and wondered why I was staying in Boston.
I had 2 great teaching jobs but really nothing else. So the year I turned 70 I took a little trip that included Hawaii.
My step son had lived there for over 15 years and he and his wife were so excited about me moving there.
So I went home with a list of what I had to do so I could move the following year.
Again I won’t bore you with the entire list but the first 4 were: job, income and money, health insurance and subletting my rental appt.
just like a pile of dominos EVERYTHING worked, health insurance did put up a few kinks.
Just Quickly: I moved and am living on maui now.
I also made a list of at least 20 things I could do when I moved (so I wouldn’t be bored). As some of your bloggers wrote I was always on the go. a strange thing has happened–I am very comfortable doing very little as long as my brain can stay active. I still feel guilty about this (Jewish Guilt)
I’ll write soon about the difficulties of finding friends.

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2 Responses to Moved to Maui

  1. lois says:

    good for you…moving is never easy. I will visit Maui in August on my way to visit family in NZ. The thought has crossed my mind to move there too. (I am widowed but not wealthy) I have read a bit about it…and everything says how expensive things are. People from the Hawaiin Is. retire and move away. Enjoy the weather.

  2. mable says:

    You are so brave to have moved to an entirely new place later in life!! I live in northern Alaska and the winters have been wearing me down the last few years. But I’m an introvert and find it difficult to make new friends–most of the friends I have (not that many–as soon as they retire they move out of state!) I made at various jobs. I’d like to move to a milder climate but I have a great house here and some friends left, so I stay.

    Now I could kick myself—I am 64 and if I had moved at 59, when I first started to think about moving, I would be established at a new place and would probably have managed to make a friend or two…Anyway, I admire your bravery.

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