We move on…


By Jerry, Age 79

What pill exists to mask the pain we feel,
No powder, salve, elixir
Can soften the crush.
No X-ray can reveal it.

What remains both hurts and heals,
An avalanche of memories
Cascades and carries us,
Helpless to avoid the fall.

The ancient mix prevails,
Time is the chemist,
Nature provides its confection,
We move on, we move on.

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One Response to We move on…

  1. jen rose says:

    I always tried to keep fit and glamorous. Divorced after 25 years, have 2 great sons.
    problem…very vain and cant accept my age. Also have lived in 2 countries.
    Currently in israel, small and easy to get around. Feel as though i have a split family, 1 son and family with 3 grandkids here. 1 son and family with 3 grand-kids in london. Lost trust in men after a terrible marriage. Worried financially,
    about economic circumstance. What’s next?

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