Then and Now

Written at age 18 as a college sophomore
In 1928 (as Dora Sapp)

I’d Like to Know
By Dora V. Gordon

I often wonder what I’ll be
At the age of seventy

Old and bent and doubled in two
Knitting as old ladies do

Sitting by the fireside
A woolen shawl around me tied

Wiping teardrops from my eye
As I think of days gone by?

Or dancing grandma will I be
With hennaed locks and painted knee

Newest steps and latest slang
Cocktail parties with the gang

Poiret frocks and high-heeled shoes
Strolling down the avenues?

Or in my grave will I have lain
Buried after much, much pain

And my tombstone will it state
I had a rendezvous with Fate

A victim of a heart disease
God bless me – may I rest in peace?

It worries me – this what I’ll be
When I arrive at seventy.


Written at age 77 in 1987

And Now I Know
By Dora V. Gordon

Now I’ve reached that golden age
And every day I turn the page
To see what life is really like
Oh! It’s different to say the least
I’ll tell you this – it’s quite a feast!

I’m not knitting by the fireside
There is no shawl around me tied
No time to think of days gone by
No time for all those pains and aches
It’s run, run, run – for Heaven’s sakes

Things to do there always are
I sure keep going in that car
Whoever thought I’d come to this
Seventy plus and such fast gait
Always hopin’ I won’t be late

I’m on the run with this and that
I manage time like an acrobat
There’s always much to see and do
Can’t miss a thing, so off I go
And who has time to knit and sew?

Something new is always there
For us to learn about and care
Travel talks, trips and classes too
TV shows and parties great
Keeping fit – I’ll just rejuvenate!

So that’s the senior life, my friend
It’s really like a dividend
Never thought it – way back when
So live it up – and take it in
Enjoying life is not a sin!

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