Getting our second wind

Phyllis, Age 70

On Ellen Degeneres’ anniversary of her 1500 shows, I heard her say this, “I wear Cover Girl make up because it makes me feel younger and more beautiful.” I barfed and protested that sexism and ageism on FB and Twitter. She is a sacred cow who’s commercial slogan is supporting that conventional gender conformity which my generation fought so hard to eliminate from the cultural consciousness.

As we get older we are inserting a new period in the life cycle and redefining ourselves.

Here are some studies about aging producing remarkable findings. We are all going thru a big paradigm shift, as we should, because we are just getting warmed up and there is a lot of work to do ahead of each of us. Check out the talks at TedX Women…

Stanford Center on Longevity Director, Dr. Laura Carstensen,
“…aging brings remarkably improved emotional aspects of life; …older people are happier than middle age and young people; ….stress worry and anger decrease with age…”

By 2015 there will be more people over the age of 60 than under 15.

Aging Myths:

Successful Aging:

Jane Fonda talks about our new paradigm and the challenge of our generation:

At 70 we are just getting our second wind.

You cannot see all the women out in front of us doing the same thing – standing for peace and justice.

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