Sephardic cooking

Rachel, Age 71

I retired from teaching at age 60 to spend a month with my daughter in LA as she was having her first child, my second grandchild. I continued to substitute teach and take orders for my ethnic Sephardic cooking. I started that small business after my first divorce in 1992: Rachel’s Sephardic Delicacies. (Sephardic refers to my heritage of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 during the Inquisition.)

At 62 I was divorcing again! At 69 I started to write a cookbook using Word on my computer and at 70 it was published by LifeRich Publishing in 2015. The book is on A LEGACY OF SEPHARDIC, MEDITERRANEAN AND AMERICAN RECIPES. So far, 72 books have sold online. I do local book signings and give cooking classes. I still substitute teach, take orders and volunteer bake for my Sephardic synogogue. I am also a co-president of my local retired school employees association in the state of Washington. I now have 7 grandchildren.

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  1. Ceea says:

    Rachel, you go girl!!!! LOVED reading your enthusiastic approach to everything!! We are sisters in spirit!!
    I will be 70 in less than two weeks and am so excited!!! When you are in sports (running) and you “age up” into another age, you have an advantage when competing with the “older” folks…so getting older is a good thing.

    How am I celebrating my big birthday??? I am traveling solo back to Bangkok, then meeting a small group and hiking through eastern Bhutan in the Himalayas for a few weeks…..hauling my cameras as photography is a passion of mine….then going back to Nepal (Kathmandu) and on to Vietnam…I know I am blessed with good health, loving friends and I make opportunities happen in my life…..just like you do!

    A pleasure to meet you here!!!

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