Am I really 71!!!!!

Sheilagh, Age 71

What a charming web site, so happy to have found you. Am a British lady living in Montreal for over thirty years. Love it here except the winters are brutal, but I do stay in when it’s so cold. So ladies, I have a few health problems but guess how I deal with them. I eat only organic, drink lots of water and work out on a regular basis. I have done pilates regularly for about ten years and still do, but also do something called pilates stretch from my home which has an attachment for any door. I do this via Skype once or twice a week and also in my own. I hasten to add I only take synthroid for my thyroid. Take magnesium from the health store and vitamin e. I really don’t give in to my bad knees and cope with the exercise which alleviates the pain.

You know what, even if you are seventy try something new, and many of us are on our own, so rather than relying on other people just stay fit and chose our own old age. I am blessed with a son and daughter with my son having two girls and my daughter a son and daughter. I stay with her a lot and take care of my granddaughter who is fourteen months. I am an early riser and by five need to rest but am happy to be able to do this.

I have lived in many countries and have wonderful memories and am planning a trip to Ireland and England as soon as I can. So all you seventy year olds interested to hear what you have to say, and trust the sun is shining down on each and everyone of you.

Sheilagh Dagwell

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