Not so uplifting or pleasant

Anonymous,  Age 86
Are you interested in the story and comments of an 87-year-old (who retired from her job at 85)?

What if the things I told you were not as uplifting or pleasant as you would like?  For example, I might tell you about women romantic rivals who used my age against me.  Or doctors that are obviously bored with an older woman’s “trivial” symptoms.  How hard it is to make new friends or meet new lovers at 87.  What regrets I have, what I do not regret.

I am dealing quite well, I think, with things like this but would like to know how other women are sorting them out.

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3 Responses to Not so uplifting or pleasant

  1. Ellen says:

    Please tell us more of your story–no sugar coating. This blog is about thriving, but that means being real!! Thanks for your post, and I love hearing that you worked until you were 85. Was that a good decision? Do you wish you’d done it differently? I’m working full-time at age 75 in a very demanding job. Yesterday I played tennis with a terrific 85 year-old woman; I personally experience a lot of spunk in these years.

  2. Sandra says:

    yes, I would love to hear more of your story also.

  3. Patrici Mendez V says:

    Been there, done that… The attitudes and anecdotes are the same all over the world, at least in Latin America, where I decided not to tint my hair, and leave it white, when I turned 70, I became transparent, invisible, inaudible and uninteresting.
    So from time to time, I lift my arms and say: HEY I AM STILL HERE, ALIVE !!! I know you all have a lot to do and communicate, but, so, Have I.
    It works, try it…

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