Emerging from winter snows

Susan,  Age 77

I enjoy everyone’s comments…they enrich my vision of myself.  I live in the Colorado mountains and we are just emerging from the winter snows.  Living in a resort is very beautiful but in the winter our lives are limited to snow related events.  I have taught myself to use every type the technology that is available.  I have iPads and iPhones and I watches and electronic books and Netflix etc. etc. etc.  I have come to love these sources of entertainment.  I also have Sirius so that I can listen to NPR and Potus and the BBC.  It’s quite a rich life though I wish I had lots of friends like when one is in college or when you have small children.



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  1. Bonnie says:

    Hello Susan,
    I lived in Colorado 16 years ago. I think I know your location. I live in a very rural area in Montana, my husband’s dream, my nightmare. Our house sits on acreage. I’m 5 miles from humans. Yes my location is beautiful like yours. And I too have taught myself to use technology that is available, iPad, iPhone,iPod, iMac, Apple TV. I talk to suri daily.

    I miss my friends of many years who live in Denver.
    I’ve finally convinced my husband of 24 years to move to the city of Billings. It’s taken 2 1/2 years to find the right buyers. My oldest daughter in Texas hooked me up with an international bible study back in late April. I was able to attend 3 times as their session ended, and will start up again in September. I enjoyed being around so many women of different ages. I felt that I was back in my world I left in Colorado.

    Well we finally sold our house. We found an older home 3 blocks away from the church that holds the bible study. I’m really excited our closing on our house is in August, and bible study starts up in September. My bucket list is full of things that most people take for granted. Like seeing your mail man, ordering a pizza and have it delivered. Taking a walk on a sidewalk not a rough uneven, hilly road. Having access to fresh fruit and vegetables. Meeting women in my age group. I have so much to look forward to. Country living is great, beautiful. Peaceful. But as I’ve aged its gotten incredibly lonely. Both my parents passed on, my adult kids have moved out of state. My husband worked long hours. He was tired when he got home. Our marriage was abandoned, because when he got home there was always something that needed to be fixed mowed, painted, or needed a part.

    There is a lot of truth in that one who is aging needs to be around people. Social activities are important. My bucket lists also includes volunteering, finding a part job, taking quilt classes. And having dinner again with my husband, going to the movies with my husband, dancing and visiting so many areas of Montana.

    I’m looking forward to building some friendships. Yes suri will still be around I will check in to say hello from time to time and when I need directions to Yellowstone park!
    Susan I wish you the best.

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