My life has done a 360-Need inspiration

Nancy, Age 69

70 in 4 months and so much has happened to delay my third act!

On the cusp of finishing a graduate degree and a plan to counsel others for the next decade and suddenly my life has done a 360! A slip in puppy urine on a tile floor sent me crashing and breaking my left leg in several places. Everything has been stalled and darn I am pissed about losing time. I should be grateful that this is not really serious, that I am breast cancer free for ten years now – but this has been so hard.

I need inspiration ladies. Anyone out there experiencing a “hold” on the next decade without family or a partner?

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8 Responses to My life has done a 360-Need inspiration

  1. Patricia says:

    I am not in your position, however my sister just bought a second home in nc on the beach, something she always wanted. She got out of her car forgot to move the gear to park and the car took off with the door open knocked her down and ran over her breaking her ribs, obstructing her wind pipe only to have a her husband find her. She coded blue at the hospital in MD and was transferred thereafter to another hospital. She is 75…she and her husband communicated as best they could and she wanted to live. 2 weeks later in rehab she insisted on coming home and taking care of her cattery. She is a strong woman not without doubts about what happens next. She is alive, almost wasn’t and she will be back.

  2. Yvonne Wood says:

    Nancy, honestly, you sound quite remarkable! You went to graduate school in your 60s and are finishing up your degree. No small feat!

    Yes, your setback sounds challenging. I am sure it has been physically very painful and the rehab very tough. I don’t blame you for being pissed at the result of the the. . . ah . . . piss. Puppies are so adorable and fun but gosh, they pee A LOT! (I currently have an 8 month old puppy and I am just now getting her to where she is not having accidents)

    Please take heart! You were on the right path it sounds like and it is going to be a while before you can get back there. Keep communicating here and with your friends and neighbors and we will all try to help out through this difficult period.

    • nancy says:

      Thank you Yvonne for reminding me of my grad school accomplishment. As a woman who has faced so much discrimination in the workplace, this new phase of my life seems to carry the insecurities of the past when I was first starting out carving a career in a business environment controlled my men. Now I confront ageism which, coupled with my injuries, makes me feel very vulnerable and yes somewhat frightened of what lies ahead. As Emily points out in her reply there will be a new self. This blog is so encouraging – we speak out to one another and receive such heartfeldt insights. Grateful to be here…..

  3. Emily says:

    I had a few more candles when I was struck by a cyclist and knocked down. The broken wrist and injured back were accompanied by a loss of confidence that was disturbing. I was astounded at the many months it took to recover from these insults. I read lots, dreamed, kept in touch with friends and was nourished by lots of good music. It was ten months before I was ready to declare that I was, not my old self, but my new self. You will get there too, and all those candles blazing on life’s cake make a wonderful light.

  4. Michelle says:

    You should be so proud of your big accomplishment. So sorry about the puppy set back. Holding you in positive thoughts.

  5. Linda Kruse Cooper says:

    esp for nancy I am turning 70 on August 29th. I am a college grad, divorced, traveled to Europe and what I miss the most is my phone ringing. I used to have lots of friends, and boyfriends etc. They say I look about 60 but the hardest thing for me is how my skin changes. I look like a reptile if I do not put on lotion. I am interested in the biker culture but I am all for communicating with likeminded people. I love life.

  6. Gen says:

    I just want to share that I fell down stairs after a slip on slick hardwood, broke my leg, smashed my foot, my ankle – surgery. Also dislocated my hip, shoved it up about an inch so six months later another surgery, also messed up my spine which wasn’t great in the first place. I had to be in a wheelchair for a long time and had to learn to walk all over again. It’s been three years now and I’m still not 100%, but much stronger this year.
    Advice: I did a lot of reading, and shows- on line movies and I actually could teach from the wheelchair although people felt sorry for me and that bothered me. I also did every bit of physical therapy that they told me I needed and to this very day I exercise more every day – by walking usually but I can’t walk very far unless I go to the store and grab a grocery cart to hang on to and pretend that I’m shopping. I have a handicap sign for my car but lately, I’ve been parking farther and farther away from the building so I can get more exercise.
    Also, yes, once I slipped in puppy pee, I was lucky that time though. So, I have now learned to look where each step goes and to walk slowly, it’s a shame but it’s true we are not spring chickies anymore and can’t do all of those Olympian type falls! Best wishes to you! I hope all things get better for you fast.

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