Looking forward to NOT being ambitious

Yvonne, Age 65

First, thank you for starting this blog! It is a great service to we women at or approaching our 8th decade.

I am a clinical psychologist like Ellen. I feel very blessed to have had such a long and rewarding career. I discovered this blog while looking through a file where I had saved interesting articles about retirement. I had saved the January 2014 Monitor on Psychology where Ellen was interviewed. I wasn’t ready to plan a retirement back then but now that my “miracle baby” has graduated high school and will be off to university and his big adventure soon, I feel freer to think of my own future.

I am planning to retire in 2 years. I am lucky to live in a university town where there is an OLLI (OSher lifelong Leaning Institute). I love to learn so I will be active in that. I look forward to cooking meals my son would not be interested in! I look forward to just having some more free time to spend with friends. I will continue my work for political candidates I support and other volunteer work. Not very ambitious plans, I must say, but I look forward to NOT being ambitious. At least for a while . . .

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2 Responses to Looking forward to NOT being ambitious

  1. Surprised and delighted to have found this site. Approaching 70 this January 2017. Excited about what I’m going to be learning. From others going forward… more to follow.

  2. Involved, connected, with church and community. Travelled many countries the last 4 years with my younger husband. He received 2 new lungs 3 yrs. sgo. But there is a void… not sure what to fill it up, with a sense of urgency. We see our children and grandchildren on occasion. Spending tooooo much time on cell, fb, word games, getting lost. Feel the need to focus on one strong thing.

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