A life full of twists and turns

JoAnn, Age 70

I had a brief fling with a fifty year old man. I found myself shocked that he was attracted to me. We look about the same age and it was quite a rush being kissed like I was a kid again.
I have a rich relative who gave me a facelift for my 50th birthday and spent a little last year for a chin lift. Why? My reason was simple, I feel like I’m 15 inside if I’m that old. I like looking in the mirror in the morning and not feeling old.

I was also a Hippie but one who rode around in Limo’s and had back stage passes but definitely NOT a groupie. I worked in the motion pictures business and also the music industry so there were “perks”

I look for a way to laugh about things. It is so easy to fall into the “poor me” syndrome. I seem to attract friends that are about fifteen years younger than I am. I was not looking for another man in my life when this one wondered through the door. He is an architect and I was having work done on my house. It was great having a male friend to go out to dinner with, etc. For a little more drama I am in a wheel chair at this time. He’s got a lot of money so I don’t try to figure it out.

All my friends tell me I’m funny and if they get depressed they call me so I can tell them a funny story. It seems something funny happens every day. My first husband died when I was 26. He was only 28 years old. My second husband and I built houses together. I designed them and he took care of the building process as I picked out all the interior things. He decided to divorce me after 20 years of marriage. I had no idea he was even thinking of it. Not a good surprise. However, I then met the love of my life online! I ran an ad and got exactly what I wanted. We were missionaries and traveled the world together. He passed away over four years ago from brain cancer.

I have written and illustrated some children’s books, am in the process of doing another one with a friend who is an amazing singer, turning my husbands music into a CD and am now facing three months in a Care Center after surgery on my feet. I look forward to walking again by Christmas, 2016 and for my 71 birthday next year. My husband and I wrote a book together.

I’ve had a life full of twists and turns. It is my choice each day to wake up and be thankful and embrace the day or fall into a slump. I don’t stay in a pity party long because one of my friends told me each time I do it should be festive so make it a black tie pity party. I find being around people who only want to talk about their aches and pains is boring, and being around people who are filled with gloom and doom and that’s all they talk about is difficult. I’ve taken a few of them under my wing and tried to sow happy things into them.
Blessings, JoAnn

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3 Responses to A life full of twists and turns

  1. Mary Lou says:

    JoAnn ~
    Just reading your story has my spirits soaring. You did it your way and it sounds like you ‘ve had great moments in your life. …. And still are!
    I met a man online at the age of 72 (he is going on 80). Never tried dating services before and probably won’t again. I lucked out with a great friendship with similar passions. In his case, he’s a very young 79!
    I love that you’re writing children’s books. One of my hopes too and I’m happy to be enjoying blogging right now. Here’s my website:

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