Goals: Summer Challenge

Jane, Age almost 74

I’ve read that having goals is healthy for mind and body. I just started my own summer lap swimming, adding two more lengths of the pool each time I go in. Started at 15…..now at 22.

As I swam this morning, it occurred to me that others might want to climb aboard.

What goals have you set for this season? Anything will do…just a little more, or a little different each time…walking, hiking, jogging, sewing, cooking, writing, reading, memorizing poems, socializing. You name it.

Let us know what you’ve chosen and how you are progressing.

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6 Responses to Goals: Summer Challenge

  1. Blog Mavens says:

    Now the summer of 2016. I just had my 76th birthday.
    The Texas weather is hot. The community pool very inviting. Best to arrive early on Saturday morning after the pool has been cleaned, and before the weekend frolickers arrive.

    I’ve begun my summer challenge. Started at 8 pool laps, several weeks ago. feeling awkward, a little uncoordinated.

    This morning, with my pool pal, I completed 28 laps, feeling stronger, not winded, enjoying the swim. Jane

  2. Susan Carpenter says:

    Have been swimming laps for over 30 years. I call it my “moving meditation”. Swim 36 laps at least every other day. Have added music to my swimming-makes it a little less boring. Finis has a wonderful Swim-mp3 player if anyone is interested. Have added walking and recumbent biking to my exercise routine in an effort to lose weight. Why, at my age, is the weight thing so difficult and yet such an obsession??

  3. Blog Mavens says:

    40 laps this morning. I enjoyed the quiet, and noticed it doesn’t seem to be getting more difficult to swim longer and farther…it just takes more time.

  4. Blog Mavens says:

    Still swimming…32 laps with my swimming buddy last Saturday…aiming for more.

    • Blog Mavens says:

      36 laps completed…I was observed in the pool by a sweet 7 year-old girl who helped me count, then said, “Excuse me, could I swim along with you?” She completed two laps, returned to counting, then joined me in our two final “victory laps.” I hope I inspired her to set goals of her own.
      On to more!

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