Beyond my comfort zone…exhilarating!

Evelyn, Age 73

Last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to participate in Curtis Summerfest, an intensive chamber music workshop held at Curtis, which happens to be 4 blocks from our home.  What an exhilarating experience it was!  I hadn’t played chamber music since high school, and I was extremely lucky to have an “embedded cellist”, 17 year-old Andres Sanchez, an incredible musician, with me for the weekend, as well as a clarinetist.  We had 2 one-hour coachings by Curtis faculty each day and an additional 2 hours of rehearsals daily.  The recital was Sunday afternoon.  We played the first movement of the Brahms clarinet trio, opus 114 in A minor.

Playing a 10-foot Steinway at the new Curtis hall – awesome!  
Playing at a level that made me proud – amazing!  
Going beyond my comfort zone to do something I hadn’t done in 55 years – as they say in the Mastercard commercial – PRICELESS!!!

I thank my family and friends for their interest and support of my musical endeavors – hopefully, there will be more to come!

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