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We move on…

Loss By Jerry, Age 79 What pill exists to mask the pain we feel, No powder, salve, elixir Can soften the crush. No X-ray can reveal it. What remains both hurts and heals, An avalanche of memories Cascades and carries … Continue reading

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Then and Now

Written at age 18 as a college sophomore In 1928 (as Dora Sapp) I’d Like to Know By Dora V. Gordon I often wonder what I’ll be At the age of seventy Old and bent and doubled in two Knitting … Continue reading

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My Meandering Mississippi By Jerry Harris The meandering Mississippi of my mind, Flows southward, carrying with it, A name of the person My wife lunched with yesterday. A small matter, to be sure. My family keeps track of such things, … Continue reading

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At Seventy

At Seventy At seventy backs ache, knees creak, minds wander and smiles broaden. Parts that used to take care of themselves need tending. And even though we don’t want to believe it, We are much further from the beginning than … Continue reading

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