Then and now

Hideko, I will be 70 this New Year’s Day

I miss the girl I used to be so many years ago
With three inch heels and slim of build
And heart with laughter filled.

I love the woman I am today
With orthotic shoes and wide of build
And heart with loving filled.

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3 Responses to Then and now

  1. peggy lupher says:

    What a wonderful poem!

  2. dot says:

    What a wonderful poem! I have always loved poetry but mine seemed to have been written in the lower depths of pain over the years. I don’t understand this, but it became a healing tool for me at times. I may look into trying some now and see how it goes. Thanks so much for this poem.

  3. Blog Mavens says:

    I wrote this Haiku for my grandchildren last year.

    Grandchildren, what joy
    Makes my heart feel light as air
    Floating with a smile


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