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Jane turns 80 This bears practicing. It’s been ten years since Ellen and I started this blog as a way to ease ourselves into our 70’s. Now here I am 80 years old.  On the day of my birthday, July … Continue reading

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A new era for me

Kathy, Age 70 I read about this website in the book “70 things to do when you turn 70”, a birthday gift from my sister. A birthday card from another friend said “I’m sorry you’re birthday was ruined by a … Continue reading

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Curiosity about the new normal ahead

Ann Fox, Age 70 Hello Jane & Ellen, First let me say I hope you’re both doing fine wherever you may be hunkered down.  I’m in central Ohio and am doing fine . . . this is just a long … Continue reading

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Hunkering down

What a strange development. All of us are at home….could be for weeks and weeks. Some will be ill, and some lives will be in danger. We send our thoughts and very best wishes to all, for your health. Many … Continue reading

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I turned 70 in October and I am so unhappy.

Anonymous My friends have died and my children wish I would die. I was a psychology Professor and retired 21 year ago. I live alone and can’t find things to do. School was my whole life but now they want … Continue reading

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Mary Ellen Age 70 I’m elated I’ve found this blog (or whatever they call it)! Hoping I will be able to participate and listen to all of our stories. Been searching (books, magazines, internet) for a long time as 70 … Continue reading

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Ellen’s Keys to Positive Aging

What have I learned about living well in old age? We all know about the importance of diet and exercise and good sleep habits, but this is my list: (1) Name ageism when you see or hear it. Be aware of your own inner … Continue reading

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Happy New Year- Welcome to 2020!

 A new year and a new decade ahead! We, Jane and Ellen send all our best wishes to you, our 70Candles community. We value your thoughts and all your wonderful contributions to this blog. Along with you, we benefit … Continue reading

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Ellen on Positive Aging Part 4: Cultivate optimism

Cultivate Optimism (Hope) “New evidence that optimists live longer”—The Harvard Gazette—August 30, 2019 After decades of research, a new study links optimism and prolonged life. Researchers from Harvard, Boston University School of Medicine, and the National Center for PTSD at VA Boston Healthcare System, have found that individuals … Continue reading

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Ellen on Positive Aging Part 3: Gather together

Gather Together—Social Connections “There is no such thing as a happy hermit”(Chris Peterson). Substantial evidence now indicates that individuals lacking social connections are at risk for poor health and premature mortality. The risk associated with social isolation and loneliness is … Continue reading

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