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Thriving beyond 70 with wisdom and connection

Here is the direct link to the podcast at Restless to Renewed. We, Jane and Ellen were asked by Janice Neely about our decades long friendship, the evolution of our 70Candles project and lessons learned. We hope you enjoy listening … Continue reading

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Family matters

Janel I’m looking for a way to make visiting with family either at my small home or a flight away in theirs easier. One of the things I think about is that my job as a senior is to understand … Continue reading

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Finding community

Susan, Age 73 In the mid 1990’s I blew the whistle on a couple of health care crooks whose companies I had managed. My then lawyer spouse wanted me to keep quiet and keep my job. In truth, the spouse … Continue reading

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The MIL/DIL dynamic

Mother-in-law, Age 72 I recently moved near my son to be near him and the grandchildren, and I had an incident the other day with my daughter-in-law that was the last straw. She has ignored me for years, despite my … Continue reading

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My passage as a grandmother

Pat,  Age 71 I’d like to share my latest blog post on my passage as a grandmother, relishing in the joys and learning from the challenges: http://wowblog.me/the-education-of-a-grandmother

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8 concerns of women in their 70’s

We heard from women in their 70s here n our blog at 70candles.com and in 70candles discussion groups across the country, from New York to Texas. With decades of life ahead for many of us, it’s a great time to … Continue reading

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