You matter

Anonymous, Age 41

I just came across your blog. I just want you to know that you matter and I think what your doing is awesome!

Remember, you matter. =)

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  1. Good morning, ladies,
    I am right in sync with you. I am 74. Twenty-five years ago I started to plan as to what I would like to do when I was “old” because I had always had a lot of energy, but knew from what my father (died at 87) had told me, it was very important to walk a lot when I got older. Without too much detail at this point, I wanted to say I own a small B&B in Vermont. I started our business with the financial help of my daughter 16 years ago. I continued to work as a Learning Specialist in NYC until last April, working at the inn during the many school vacations I had. I am right now painting an extension room to one of my guest rooms that I hope to open up in May. The reason I am telling you this important detail is because in order to flourish, I believe one has to continue to plan going forward in a realistic way. One of the ways I keep my motivation is to think of one my very active church members who is 95 (back in Westchester where I continue to own my “real home”). Key to my flourishing is the constant support of my 45-year-old daughter. I look forward to your blog & prospective book.

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