Without a Script: A Caregiver’s Journey

Sent to us by blog contributor, Lois Kipnis is her book, Without a Script: A Caregiver’s Journey, published by ProPress Books. It’s a sequential series of vignettes in a short but moving compilation, describing her roller coaster of emotions as caregiver for a mom in her 90’s.   Kipnis had to make decisions and painful choices on behalf of her beloved, but physically, and gradually mentally, failing mother, but felt unprepared for the task.  With an ear for the music of language, Kipnis shares what it feels like to be a compassionate but stressed daughter-in-charge, working without a script in such complicated circumstances. She realizes that her Mother’s plight might indeed be her own, someday.

Her message resonates with all who care for ill or frail relatives…and those who might be on the receiving end of such care.

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