Healing help

Cindy, Age 73

I remember looking in the mirror and saying out loud, “When did I get so old, and who is that woman in the mirror?” Gravity has discovered me in toto. Ugh!!!! Broke my first hip on June 28th and second one on November 5th. Ouch!!!! Still not doing really great (lots of muscle pain in last broken hip leg). If anyone has an idea of how to heal this muscle pain in leg I would love to hear from you.

Talk about depression – asked God several times to intervene and take me out of this misery. Woke up one day and decided to get better (hasn’t worked), and as soon as this ol’ body heals, going to put myself out there and find someone to care about again. Been divorced for about 15 years and am officially lonesome. Help.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    It’s hard when you are hurting to just get better. I am going to see the dr. about knee replacement next week and out of the blue I get back pain so bad I had to call for an ambulance to the hospital. I had to c/o work for 5 days and I am worried about keeping my job. After saying all that, I wonder if just caring for you might be better than caring for someone. Surround yourself with friends, and make yourself a priority.

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