When we outlive our joints and our senses

Jane, Age 74

We seniors are fortunate to live in an era of robotic advancement.  As we age, and our parts wear out, we can turn to medical science to find replacement joints, organs, and sensory implantations.

Ellen is back to playing tennis with her new hip.  My friend Shelli proudly sports two new knees and a new hip, all in working order…great relief from the pain she experienced before each of those was implanted.  Her husband has recovered from the new anterior incision for hip replacement, looks forward to returning to  his treasured racquetball game.

As my hearing abruptly decreases and my hearing aids strain to accommodate to my current deficits, I read up on cochlear implants.  That technology has come a long way in these last decades.  It does appear that I am outliving my audition, but I treasure my ability to hear, listen, converse, and bathe in environmental sounds. Time to have a chat with the best implant surgeon in town.  I can’t imagine my life without hearing.

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