Confessing ageism

Amy, Age 29

OK my confession,

I must thank you for your inspiration. I however must admit I am no where near the wisdom levels that you have achieved.

I have come across this site by a stroke of luck or just divine intervention. I am a second year college student. At the request of my Gerontology Professor, I am required to write a paper on imagining my self at 70 years of age. I have been reading through the stories, and I find myself, laughing at the variety of life experiences you have all had. However, I also find my self feeling ashamed, for the assignment I just completed for College, I made the 7th generation age group seem like lifeless dolls, collecting dust on a shelf.

I am sorry to say but, I have just written a 13 page paper on the idea of what I envision my life to be like when I turn 70 years old. The medical break down of everything imaginable that I fear will be wrong with me. The fact that I wrote an entire paper on being “too old” to do anything. I envisioned that I will sit on a swing, and pet my dog who would love a nice walk. He will never see one because I would be too sore, to take him, the fact that I will watch my great grandchildren from a chair because my bones will ache too much to play.

I must apologize for my ageism. But I fear that I really had no idea what I was writing about. It is interesting to think that I was able to write a paper about something that I obviously know nothing about.
I was concerned about my 30th Birthday coming up next month. But I suppose you would be the wrong group to complain about that to.

Thank you for this new information that I have found and the inspiration to know that my time is far from over and there is no need to assume that just because we are told life is short does not mean it is over already.

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2 Responses to Confessing ageism

  1. Ellen says:

    Thank you, Amy, for your fabulous post. And BTW, I hated turning 30. It symbolized for me responsibility, ugh. I told everyone I knew to ignore my birthday, and of course when they did I was even more heartsick. When I turned 70 my family gathered together in Lake Placid and we went snow shoeing. I wish you could send your post to every 29 year old in the world. I love how honest you are. But don’t be disappointed with yourself for not knowing better…how could you!! Ageism is everywhere. When someone says something like “she’s 70 years young” they think they are being cute and flattering. I want to scream, “70 is old, and that’s okay.” Developmental psychologists tell us that every stage and phase of life has its rewards and challenges, but vibrancy needn’t fade away as long as we’re alive. You have added so much to this blog site. Thank you!! Ellen

  2. Michelle says:

    I would have never been able to write this paper at your age, I can hardly do it now too. Sure appreciate your thoughts.

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