What’s next?

Diana,  Age 72

What’s next in your life?

We’re old enough to know (thankfully) that life doesn’t end at seventy. It continues to challenge, frustrate, and satisfy.

There’s always a next step – we’re old but we’re not out – what’s the next step in your life?

My husband and I moved to Knoxville on his retirement to be near our daughter and her family. We have a single family house in a nice neighborhood, with friendly neighbors but no close friends our age nearby
Our health is good now (and we do Everything in our power to keep it that way), but we know that someday we’re going to need a smaller place.

So my ‘next step’ is wondering when and where to downsize yet again.

I’m thinking two more years here, then get serious about selling and moving. But moving to what? I haven’t heard of any great senior communities here in Knox County and there’s no way I’m going any further from my support system. (Great solutions always appreciated.)

So what’s next in your life?

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2 Responses to What’s next?

  1. mary hirsch says:

    So Diana, “What’s next in my life?” A very interesting question…
    Assuming the Good Lord continues to walk by my side and listens to my as-soon-as-I-wake-up litany of “thank you”s for my myriad blessings (followed by meditation and prayer), I plan to keep truckin’ on, doing the very best I can with every moment I have and not a SINGLE one to be taken for granted… for I know better. Humble is good…

    I’m an OPTIMIST and a GRATEFUL woman: I look at the BRIGHT side of things and always zero in on the SILVER lining, for I have learned in my 72 (or is it 71 – does it matter?) that ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

    like most of my age-related sisters, I have the usual health challenges – and then a few – some whoppers, but you’ll NEVER hear ME complaining or dwelling on them: I take the BEST care of myself with pride and dignity as a way to THANK MY CREATOR for this Masterpiece that I am. I honor my body so I don’t abuse it, but treat it with respect and reverence – and it thanks me back. I eat wisely, exercise, meditate and continually seek enlightenment, always trying to remember that LOVE is the answer: and this is not easy for me.

    I am, like most of us, seriously flawed. But I do my best. And with this attitude, I am constantly rewarded with opportunities, from finishing my book to having my own T.V. show for seniors in Boston to writing a column to taking an active part in one or several volunteering opportunities in my community, beginning with my own senior building.

    What’s in store? I don’t know. My first “job” is to take care of myself and keep a low profile. My ego is in check. My priority this New Year is to become a better person: more loving, compassionate, tolerant, patient and less critical and judgmental. TALL order for me but I’m willing to try … without Mother Theresa syndrome, recognition, kudos or whatever feeds one’s ego: I just want to be the BEST that I can be… quietly.

    So that’s what’s ahead for me, God willing…

    I can only promise ONE thing: I’ll do my best. I’ve live all my life by that motto and, so far, for the most part, it’s worked well… with help from my Friend who knows my heart like no one else does.

    I do wish you, your husband, children and grandchildren a blessed, healthy and wonderful year!

    • Primada says:

      I like Mary H.’s job description: “take care of myself, keep a low profile, and keep my ego in check.” I think I will adopt it as my job description too.

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