I cherish each birthday

Janie,  Almost 68

I have been looking for a blog to share with other women around my age for quite some time. Today I stumbled upon your site. How wonderful, I loved reading the stories so far.

I am in remission from breast cancer (2 years) and as a result my perspective on life has definitely changed. I look forward to my 68th birthday with happiness and glee. I used to dread growing older but now I cherish each birthday.

I line dance with other senior women twice a week. I highly recommend it if you can, great exercise for the body and mind, and the opportunity to meet other women your age.

My husband and I have 5 shared children and 11 grandchildren, we are blessed. We recently downsized to a duplex. This was difficult for me, we had a beautiful home and I always equated that with success. However I am not minding the house cleaning, much easier.

I retired from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. I was so used to working it took me forever to get used to retirement. I now highly recommend it. The key is to stay involved.

I have rambled enough, thank you for the opportunity to connect with other women who are in their “golden years”.


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