Up from Down Under

Eleanor,  Age 69

I live in Adelaide, South Australia. For the first 21 years of my life I lived in a religious cult. I was born into that cult. When I left I walked into a huge social change taking place with the Vietnam War protests, the advent of the pill, Women’s Lib and a little later equal pay. I was also very fortunate that at the time of my foray into another world, our PM made university free for all.

I married, had two children then started and completed my BA. This was very important as education was withheld from me before I left home. Later I was diagnosed with life threatening Wegeners’ Granulamatosis. I recovered then my husband and I divorced. I studied for my Grad Dip Ed which qualified me as a senior English teacher. I taught for 10years. During that time I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had a cystectomy.
Health issues forced me to retire at 63. I went back to university to take Honours and this year I have finished my M.Phil.

I belong to a post graduate writing group where young people accept me unconditionally. I also go to Core Pilates twice weekly. I have a group of close friends. No grandchildren which doesn’t bother me. I am mobile and very fortunate to have found excellent medical care.

So I will be 70 next year. I love life and try not to think about the road ahead.

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3 Responses to Up from Down Under

  1. Iris says:

    Love your story you are an inspiration to women.

  2. Rosemarie says:

    Congratulations. Sounds like your attitude towards life has been a positive one – how else could you continue on in a beautiful upwards direction while facing adversity and health challenges at the same time?

    I applaud you. The road ahead is the road ahead and like any road that you have not journeyed on – is a mystery of sorts. Don’t worry about it. Embrace it and do the same as you have been doing for the past 69 years – living it.

  3. Margaret says:

    Hi Eleanor,
    You should be very proud of yourself on all your achievements. I wish you continuing good health and all the best as you move into your 70’s. It’s a pretty good decade for those of us who have made it this far.
    Margaret (73)

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