Unquenchable desire for Ongoingness

Roseann,  Almost  70

I will be 70 years old tomorrow…Jan. 5, 1948 was my entrance into this world…

I just found this site, through the gift of the book “70 Things to Do When You Turn 70.” I work 28 hours a week as an addictions counselor and addictions educator- and today, due to the snow and frigid temperatures, our office is closed. How blessed am I- or I would not have picked up the book to read and discover your website.
Its funny, but the thought came to me to celebrate my birthday with all of you- who are also 70 and beyond…A sisterhood for sure. For we have lived, loved, laughed, cried, explored our Hearts and Souls, and are filled with an unquenchable desire for Ongoingness…I remember well a quote from Anne Frank’s diary- unbeknownst to her, that her diary would one day be found, she had written, ” I want to go on living even after my death…” And so she has- and didn’t have to plan it or manipulate it to make it happen. I kind of feel like that- I want to go on living even after my death. And I realize that the best way to do that is to live well, making beautiful memories with every person who touches my day…open to the imprint that they make upon me, and humbly grateful that I can- in some way- also create an imprint of memory upon them.

I told my friends that I did not want any birthday gifts this year- I have many scarves, books, bracelets, candles, figurines of Angels and so on- and I cherish them all- but do not really need any more…I told them what I wanted from them is to spend time with them- that would be the best gift ever. I told them that they have 365 days in which to plan something with me for this birthday year- a breakfast, lunch or dinner at a local dinner, a trip to the ocean, a day in the city, a trip to the gardens, a spiritual workshop, a concert etc. ( I will pay my own way- the gift is the gift of time…) Something special- and it had to be for more than just one hour! We are always rushing, rushing, living life in time slots…The gift is to spend quality time and just BE together in the precious moment. I will take photographs of each wonderful “Being Together Day,” and make a book of it…

This is my dream and I will let you know how it turns out!
So to all those on this website, may I offer my hello to you and thank you for being here, on the eve of my 70 th Birthday…It is cold and snowy outside (actually, its freezing and tomorrow is supposed to be worse!) but I feel warm and loved within…I hope to be here a long time- for I do so enjoy and am in awe of the Journey…I hope that is part of the Soul Plan…There are so many Hearts I have yet to meet, so many places yet to see, so many words yet to write, so many prayers yet to pray…Happy Birthday to me and to all of you…Each day can be a new Birth Day…

Thank you for listening- and for helping me celebrate this special time of my life…

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17 Responses to Unquenchable desire for Ongoingness

  1. Mary Lou Q says:

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Roseann! I think your idea is great! 365 days to give the gift of time plus a pic of the day. That gives everyone is your life that you’d love to spend time with plenty of time to get moving and make plans.
    I, too, have felt just like Anne Frank ~ ” I want to go on living even after my death…” This was a motivating force behind my starting my website/blog to share my story with those I leave behind. It was through her hand-written diary that Anne lives on in spirit. Like me, she probably wondered if anyone would read it! 😀
    Mary Lou ~ http://www.meinthemiddlewrites.com

  2. Beautifully said and written… ❤️


  3. Roseann,

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! I will have birthday 71 in April and I plan to(assuming that you approve) use your idea to my friends and family for the gift of time. How wonderful!!

    Thank you so much,


  4. Mry says:

    Happy 70 Roseann
    Welcome to the club!!!!!

  5. Dear Roseann-
    What a wonderful letter-
    Wishing you a very special birthday!
    Enjoy every day-
    Be well

  6. Roseann Cervelli says:

    Thank you all for your Birthday Wishes! So nice to hear from you…We are all Sister Souls for sure, sharing this very special part of our Journey. I am so happy that I received the “Birthday Gift” of finding this site to be able to share with women who are experiencing so many of the same feelings, worries, concerns, hopes and dreams. Thank you all- I will think of you tomorrow and you will all be part of my Birthday Celebration!

  7. Noel Mere says:

    Happy Birthday from a 71 year old embarking on a new career. Well said and a wonderful plan.
    Stay warm-
    Noel, Mt Dora, Fl

  8. Bobbi Fisher says:

    Roseann, Happy Birthday.
    In asking your friends for this gift of time, you are giving them the gift as well. This is giving and receiving as a seamless whole.
    Bobbi, in snowy Massachusetts

  9. Welcome to our cadre.
    I love your idea of birthday gifts. I suggested to my friends some years ago that we know we love each other, so lets stop gift giving and give to people who need it. Feels better.

    It’s ten degrees outside this AM, and a nice April day inside; the furnace failed last evening. I expect the plumber at ten. It’s empowering to be 70+.
    Enjoy it, and do good.

  10. Blog Mavens says:


    We wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    and a year ahead rich with the friendships you will continue to mutually nourish.

    Your message offered an inspiring start for the New Year for 70Candles! and has obviously struck a cord with many women here.

    Enjoy the journey,
    Jane and Ellen

    • Roseann Cervelli says:

      Thank you so much for your message- I am so glad I found your site – this wonderful opportunity to share with others of like Mind and Heart.
      We are all on this amazing Journey of “Conscious Aging”- and it is uncharted territory for us for sure. Together, with Trust, we will find our way. There is so much Wisdom and Caring and Experience shared here- each person a sincere Voice of Love.
      I come from New Jersey- and am definitely interested in forming a 70 candles group- as I have many friends reaching this magical age! Will surely be in touch…Thank you all again,
      P.S. I had a wonderful birthday today with my daughters and my sister and her husband…I made it over the threshold! Now an official 70.. I feel so many helped me breathe in some fearlessness today- fears and worries were replaced with Peace…I have arrived!

  11. mary hirsch says:

    Happy Birthday, Roseann!

    And, many, many more… for YOU sound like the most wonderful person one would want to know: so POSITIVE, grateful, well adjusted – and STILL working part time helping OTHERS!!

    Not a SINGLE complaint; no ailments, no self pity. Bless your lovely, terrific heart. If you happen to live in Boston, look me up; you’re my kind of girl!

    May you live forever and good luck with your wonderful project.

    HAVE A MEMORABLE DAY, rest of the year and rest of your life. Something tells me you WILL!!


  12. Annette Roark says:

    Happy belated birthday! January 5th was my dad’s birthday so it’s always special to me. I love the way you’ve fleshed out your idea of gift-giving. My children are serious about not wanting many “things” anymore either so we limited gift-giving at Christmas but I don’t think we have totally worked the kinks out. I love your idea of making a photo book of happy times! I made them for my grandchildren of the special trips we made with each last summer and they were so proud -Please write again in a year and let us know what you learn and how it goes! Thanks and many happy returns!

  13. Sandi says:

    Happy Belated Birthday. My birthday is on Christmas Day and turning 70 wasn’t easy for me. But a year later, now a new 71, I am standing on firm ground. Determined to enjoy this decade and make the most of every day. Here’s to a great 2018 for all.

  14. Diann Onsted says:

    Your words are inspirational – really. I guess when we turn that 70-dial, we are most able to recognize all that is truly important, and of value. Congratulations.

  15. Sandy Tribotti (age 73 and then some) says:

    Here it is almost March and I just found 70 Candles and read your post! But I still want to say Happy Birthday. If it is true that each day is the first day of the rest of our lives, and I think it is, then “Happy Birthday” works for every day. I, too, love your idea of giving your friends 365 days to give you the most grace full gift one can have – that of time together. Bless your beautiful heart.

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