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Cathy, Age 70

I just turned 70 last week. I really don’t feel any different than I did. I am still working full time, and, with the commute, that takes care of 10 hours a day. I am involved in other activities, including spending time with grandchildren and great grandchildren (ages 2 and 4). There are hardly enough hours in the day.

I just took a solo car trip across the United States to vist extended family members. This is my fifth such trip. I hope to do it again this year. I have seen most of the states. I use my vacation time for the trips.

I have been widowed for twenty years. Life has been very different since then. Both of my parents passed away several years ago. I have a daughter who is turning 50 and a son in his late 40s. Sometimes I can’t believe I lived so long! My grandparents were really old at this age. However, I don’t know what life has to offer me in a few years. There are things I resolve to do better, like exercise more.

Do I miss being married? You bet I do- but to my late husband. I do not want to compete for the few available men out there and am content now to live as a single woman.

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  1. Marian Watson says:

    I had my 71st birthday in January and I feel no different than when I was much younger. I walk every day and exercise in the gym. After my knees were replaced in 2006 I realized the value of keeping fit. That has been my goal ever since.

  2. helena says:

    thank you for this post about being single at 70, healthy, working, and enjoying the present. I’m 61, married to a 75 year old man, and am trying to convince my recently widowed father, almost 91, to stop trying to replace my mom, with whom he enjoyed a 68 year love affair.

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