Patricia, Age 81 1/2

Hi everyone,
I am probably the oldest of this group, and when I turned 70 years decided to leave my hair WHITE!! This was unconceivable to my friends (female) since I am chilean, my country is definitely managed by males, women ask their husbands, “should I?“ or “may I…?” Well I didn’t even consider that posibility.

So let me warn you of the effects of white hair (at least here):

WHEN YOU SIT TO GET A CUP OF COFFEE, WAITERS (female and male) do not see you, they serve somebody in the table next to you….same thing at the supermarket. You stand in the cue for ELDERS, PREGNANT WOMEN,INVALIDS AND in front of you is a girl of 25 years. So I touched her shoulder, pointed at the sign and asked: to which of theses conditions you belong, I can see you are not an invalid, neither are you old, that leaves us with pregnancy, unless it happened in the last hour, you certainly do not belong in this cue, so we had a good laugh …

One good thing to happen is that somebody may give you their seat in the subway, open a door when they see me pushing hard and getting no where.

And when I want to get a cup of coffee or the bill, I wave a paper napkin, that certainly gets every bodys attention,

Regards to all
from Maitencillo, Chile


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4 Responses to Transition

  1. Diana says:

    I stopped coloring my hair somewhere around 65. But I still hold in my abs and stand tall so I think that I’m hitting what’s important.

    This is me World, white hair, sags, and all. Get used to it. I plan to be here a while yet.

    Everyone gets ignored and patronized at times. It’s not personal.

  2. Blog Mavens says:

    I thought life would be simplified once I left monthly color touch-ups behind and allowed my natural white hair to present itself. But I was mistaken. One person after another has offered some strategy for looking better with white hair…
    Darkened eyebrows, more eye make-up, liquid not powered face make-up, brighter lipstick, a colorful blouse…Oh dear…Must I?…Really?

  3. Ellen says:

    Interesting to hear such different opinions. I stopped coloring my hair by accident about three years ago–I got a bad haircut from my usual stylist in Albany, NY, visited a friend in Florida, asked her hair stylist for a short haircut, and lo and behold, there were my salt and pepper (mostly salt) roots showing big time for the first time. I had two reactions: (1) I looked like my Dad (in a good way), AND (2) I loved it. I now save a lot of money not coloring my hair, I feel it is healthy, and I feel as though I am being my true self. It’s worked for me. I have noticed an increase in patronizing but well-intentioned comments which as Patricia notes are mostly annoying but sometimes useful (thank you for that hand in helping me off a steep step), but I haven’t noticed being invisible…yet. Maybe that’s because I put myself forward…sometimes too much (?)…or maybe it’s because I’ve been oblivious. I really want to watch for an uptick in invisibility. I will report back.

  4. ina puustinen-westerholm says:

    At 80 now..i do have almost shoulder length silver white hair. Since it was auburn..when I is also..course. an art teacher since the 60s..i ..’made a plan’ as to not..fade into the walls..anywhere. I dress with no earrings, no necklaces. I have black shoes AND.. a high color bouse..or sweater..depending upon the season in Oregon. On my wrist..a pair of slim black bangles..with a center bracklet..of the color of blouse I am wearing. Lastly..since I have pale skin..i use twice the eyeliner..and mascara..that I used..when younger. When I …move through any area..they either..welcome me..or..move outa..the way! 😉 Art,..IS moi friend!

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