Summertime at almost 78

Emily, Almost 78

I am up in Walton in my little house enjoying the
beauty of the area, and my friends up here. After mowing
the grass and doing violence to some invasive weeds, I sat
outside reading a book I might have read before, but that
will be determined later. It is called The Interestings, by Meg Wolitzer, about six people (NYers) who met at a summer camp. The first thirty-five pages were about the
camp and their meeting.

I am going to Chautauqua tomorrow for a week, always a wonderful experience, and I picked up the book at the library this AM mainly because there it was facing front, and someone said it was good.

I discovered yesterday that almost 78 might be too old to paint rooms. I started, and after two hours, had to lie down for a while. Went back to it and stopped when I was scarily tired. I was somewhat surprised. I slept for a while, then fed myself
determinedly, and then decided to ignore the project til
after next week, lest I give up the ghost before it
happens. Isn’t good sense supposed to come with all those candles?

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4 Responses to Summertime at almost 78

  1. Lesli says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing.
    Naps snd rest are great!s
    Let nature take its course

  2. Wendl says:

    Cut yourself some slack, we usually don’t learn what our limitations are until we pass the limit. Now you know one more thing about yourself that you can work with (or around) in future. Keep enjoying books, friends, and naps, that never gets old.

  3. Pat says:

    Emily I so admire you, your energy and your spirit and your painting skill. Yes you need to rest to enjoy doing this job. You probably come from healthy stock. You appear to live in a beautiful place which energizes you. I admire you. Get your rest and enjoy. Every task can be broken down, even I, when making soup with a lot of vegetables, will chop today and complete the soup tomorrow. I hope you finish painting your room but I would take your time and relax. Energy is hard for me and I just turned 71. Did I mention I am a worrier, lots of energy sucked away with that!

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