The Riches of This Age

Patricia, Age 72

Generally, this is a fine and liberating time of life, enhanced by the great richness of friendship with women (most of them over many decades), the freedom to pursue pleasure far more than duty and the delight in our grown children and grandchildren.

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  1. Thank you Ellen for this website. We miss you on Alaska. Linda Webber just told me about this great site as part of her response to an Invitation to my 70th birthday party.

    It’s Thanksgiving and I’m in NC with family. I’m still teaching summers at UAA and seeing clients in Anchorage 6 months a year. I now am also facilitating Mindfulness Support Groups and helping to write literature for the Wise Ways Fellowship. I’m so grateful for health, family, long term friendships, a marriage which brings joy and ongoing lessons, travel, the ability to grieve loved ones who have passed on before me and still teach me through my memories and their examples, humility gained as my daughter teaches me how to use an I-phone and a digital camera and too many other blessings to name in one sentence.
    Thanks again for your wonderful blog.
    Jan Lindeman

  2. This comment was sent from my I-phone as I travel as the typing errors show. Maybe I will learn yet how to hit those little letters with 70 year old fingers.
    Jan Lindeman

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