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Peggy, Age: Just 70

I grew up in an orcharding family in New Zealand, my Grandfather having planted one of the first orchards in Hawkes Bay. Wonderful childhood with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Lots of Aunties and Uncles and cousins, who “got together” a lot. Times must have been tough in my younger days as the war was still raging, my Dad was lucky as he didnt have to go overseas, he was in the homeguard though. I’m what the Maoris call a Pakeha; grew up in a christian home, my Mother had been a school teacher so valued education, she was also very good at sport, but sadly none of us shone in that direction. (Its coming out in my Grandchildren though). I married at 20, big mistake!!! no children thank goodness. Several years later I had a daughter, lucky mistake; was a solo Mother for 8 years, then married a lovely man with whom I am still married. We had a daughter, both girls are married. (The older one has 3 children, all tall and beautiful).(I’m not biased). The younger daughter had cancer a few years ago. This is such a devastating thing to happen to “your child.” She had her cervix removed, which meant she couldnt bare children. They managed to save 2 eggs which were fertilized by her husband, then put into cold storage!

This year has been such an amazing one for all of us, our older daughter had graciously offered her sister to surrogate for her, which she has done, and with the very clever IVF team, and lots of prayers from all and sundry, a beautiful little boy was born, and they are coming to help me celebrate my 70th.

So I’d just like to say WOO HOO! Being 70 might mean we don’t need to feel sidelined, we can just be ourselves and enjoy life, we can continue to improve ourselves and be the best we can, love our fellow man, and be everything God intended us to be.

Painting is my hobby, and I’m trying to improve and be the best I can, and now I’m 70 I may have a bit more time to do that. (I was a photographer and handcolourist when I was working, handcolourist because that was before coloured photography). We are living in such interesting times!!

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