The 70s experience

Shirley, Age 70

I turned 70 last November… I also became a widow shortly before I turned 70. It has been quite a year for me. I have both oars in the water now and not sure what the plan will be but, there is a plan!
I work one day a week cleaning a Rectory!
I enjoy cooking, baking, and love eating out but rarely do that now as I did when we were married!
Life is good!

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2 Responses to The 70s experience

  1. Gretchen says:

    I wish some of us could get together!!
    I live in Washington.

  2. Blog Mavens says:

    Have you seen the 70candles gatherings page?
    You can get get to it by selecting 70candles!Gatherings at the right side of the top border of our heading.

    Lots of women are trying to connect.
    If you would like to be a contact person in Washington, just tell us what city you live in and your email address, and we’ll add you to the list.

    Jane and Ellen

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