Testing – positive!


They say in time, everyone will have Covid. Grateful to be fully vaxxed and boostered. Grateful I have masked up and distanced for over two years. Wish everyone else did.

I imagine it was a tough policy decision unmasking the kids in school. It sure has raised the Covid incidence rate, especially in my family as we have no incidence of it before.

My granddaughter got it from school as her close classmates tested positive last week. Then everyone in the family got it but me. That is, until yesterday.

Fortunately, CVS has a Minute Clinic and the anti-viral prescription, Paxlovid, on hand. Not all pharmacies have this. Not all physicians are opened on weekends or even have on-call help these days.

Day two and I am starting my third dose tonight. It is a total of thirty pills, three in the morning, three at night for five days. The intense joint pain seems to be lessening along with my recent allergies. Prior to this, I recently had a few emergency procedures requiring surgery. So it has been two months of doc visits and now this. Now this!

I am grateful that I have a relatively mild case. Attributed to the vaccinations definitely.

One of the side effects of Paxlovid is blurred vision, a sense of being in the fog. Ditto on both. I am listening to a talk on the history and culture of Russia, with my eyes closed. No doubt, I will need to listen to it again because I can’t seem to stay awake long enough to grasp anything. (said laughing).

Please be careful out there!

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11 Responses to Testing – positive!

  1. Diane Rausch says:

    I got COVID 3 weeks ago. I had gotten the J&J vaccination last summer. I’ve had too many friends have bad reactions to the boosters..Mainly felt like allergies but for me personally, wondering are they labeling everything you get COVID? or any virus is COVID.. Just not sure anymore, but..no matter what.. I put my Faith in GOD, GOD took care of me the whole time. I ate healthy and only took a few ibuprofen. People said just let us know if you need anything, but no one just brought anything over..Praying for you but that was it. I live alone so once COVID started years ago I learned to always be stocked up. This brought me a Reality Check, that I need to step up more to the plate for my friends, when there is a need which I do, but to get even better as an accountable friend. Best of luck to you all.. Blessings be with you..

    • Susan says:

      Boosters/vaccinations can have a side effect. However, it is usually not as worse as getting the disease. I had mostly awful joint pain with all four shots.

      You might ask your health care provider about what diagnosis they listed. They usually list everything you present with. Viruses are different and they do mutate.

      I think you have to ask for what you want/need specifically. Often people just do not know what to do. Many of us have learned to redefine friendship. My close friends sought me out, the ones that didn’t offer to help are not friends. Sometimes it takes careful examination to realize that.

  2. Evelyn says:

    It certainly is not over – but the panic and fear of hospitalization or death is definitely lessening among the vaxxed. Glad you’re better!

  3. Susan says:

    Disclaimer: This was sent about 6 weeks ago and is just now appearing. I am well!

  4. Jacqueline Dondzil says:

    I had it a couple months ago. I had vaccination and 2 boosters so it wasn’t any big deal. I found the fatigue lingered longer. 3 weeks. Not extreme fatigue but enough that I waited to get back to My crossfit classes. I turned 75 this March. People tell me “You don’t look it ” in their minds 75 must not look too good. LOL. Hope you are feeling yourself very soon.

  5. Patty Farber says:

    You. Have a fabulous sense of humor You must be an easy going person. Congratulations for accepting and coping with it. My grandkids are all home schooled at the time not much in favor of no socialization but they are my son and daughter in laws kids so they are home schooled. All highly intelligent and can speak above 3 grades. That being said, all 6 grandchildren and my son and his wife came down with Covid. Some worse than others. All college graduates only they are against any and all vaccinations. So I drifted off topic but wanted to share this with you. Susan my best to you.

    • Susan says:

      Patty, just so you don’t see my life as easy, let me tell you what it is really like. I use humor when I can. It doesn’t always work. As a single parent, I had a choice to run or to stay and raise my two children. I stayed for 28 years in the marriage. I asked for the divorce when my children were just out of college – 22 and 24. Their father remarried immediately and did not include them in his life. Typical story, he married a woman 20 years his junior and is separated now. He is 75 with a 10 and 16 year old.

      I’ve been there for everything for my children and grandchildren – always alone. I doubt either fully appreciate my efforts. My daughter, 45, does more. My son seems to have lots of anger issues with me. To say he can be arrogant is an understatement.

      Over the years, I have tried to talk to him. Apparently, everything is my fault. So I have backed off. We live 500 miles apart . Not sure why he comes to this area to summer with his family. Probably to see his sister as he seems to have little interest in me. At 74, I am done with all of this. I wish that were true for the heartache. I am slowly learning how to protect my emotions. I take all of this in deeply. It hurts. Guess I am not aging too well.

      • Helen says:

        Have you ever just approached him at an opportune moment and asked him why he seems angry towards you? This seems like something that should be addressed and maybe it could be resolved. I think better to talk about how you each feel. There are probably misunderstandings that could be addressed and make for a better relationship! How wonderful to have that anxiety and pain gone!!

        • Susan says:

          Helen, I have tried over the years. The problem is his and I decided not to have it mine anymore.

          Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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