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Bridging the decades at almost 95

Maggy, Almost 95 I’m 95 as of March 14th and remember Turning 70 as the ONLY decade birthday that bothered me. I remember early 30s and 40s as the best time of my life. 40th and 50th birthdays? Not traumatic. … Continue reading

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Hear! HEAR!

Hear! HEAR! Jane, Age 74 I’ve had 74 years of good, and then good -enough -when -amplified hearing…I feel very grateful for that. But suddenly everything is changing… Here’s what I have to ignore: A very high-pitched shrieking sound in … Continue reading

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Jane Giddan, Age 71 Hearing loss creeps up quietly, usually gradually. At first, you don’t notice the absence of leaves rustling, water dripping, wind whistling through trees, tissue paper crinkling or violins singing in high register within the orchestra. There’s … Continue reading

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