So many life stories

Suzanne, Age 69.5

How can a person share just one story when you’ve reached the ripe age of 70?

“All roads lead to Rome” and each quarter of my life made me what I am now. In my 30’s, my husband and I owned a company. We were successful. I traveled the world to shop as part of my job. Had 2 boys, struggled to share myself with them, my husband, and work that was so demanding, but which I loved. We lost that business in our 50’s, went into debt, no income. I had to reinvent myself. My husband couldn’t, he retreated. My 60’s have been so difficult, but I found faith. I have been tested in so many ways including being close to death in a coma. Surprisingly, at one of my lowest points, barely able to walk, age 67….my old boss, a young woman, called and said she knew of a job she thought I’d be perfect for. I interviewed, got the job and then realized that we would have to move to LA. I stayed with friends during the week, sometimes in Airbnb’s. My husband and I lived separate lives until he moved the household. My health improved, loved the job, but was laid off one year later. We stored everything, put the dogs in the back seat and left CA on our new life adventure, driving to find something new….grandchildren pulled us back to LA, I was rehired and at 70, I’m poor in money, but rich in love, faith, work, and life.

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3 Responses to So many life stories

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow..just wow!!❤️

  2. Sandi says:

    Everyone has their own life story of experiences. Turning 70 seems to be a time of transition depending on the person’s attitude and personality. And not all of us have grandchildren, so we must find another “pull” … for many that may be a loved pet.

    I’ve been very interested in this aging process because there are no guidelines as there are for other transitions in our lives. And for many, much depends on finances and health.

    When I turned 70, I began to have more health issues than
    I had in my prior years … nothing serious, but enough to cause me pain and discomfort until I healed. That was very unexpected because I’ve felt like I was on the younger side of the elder years. I’m doing my best to stay present and in the moment of every day of my 70’s.
    Enjoyed reading your post.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Dear Suzanne & 70Candles,
    This is soooo similar to my story. I am just now healing up from feeling that I was insane for moving & getting a new job at 67 — only to be laid off. Also, that my husband & and I must be the only ones who lost a business & became broke. Well … that is what my kids still think.
    So, “I’m not the only one!” to paraphrase the Beatles.
    Thank you!!! Your post is very healing for me.
    Jeanne, 72

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