Relocation decisions

Pat, Almost 70

Is is great to read the stories of other people who are in the age range I find myself. I am so very fortunate to have health and economic ability to do anything I can dream. I am embarrassed to say that, to date, nothing is pulling me in any direction except to move from the area in which I grew up, left, and returned. Living here is “soul crushing”. I don’t want to make a mistake by relocating and find out it was the wrong thing to do. Back in the day, I was able to successfully complete ANYTHING I began. I think I have allowed myself to become mentally lazy and complacent, taking the easy, comfortable way out even though I am not satisfied with my choices. I am looking for exciting, shiny, bright ideas and activities. I hope I don’t sound “whiney”; my thoughts and concerns are sincere.

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  1. Blog Mavens says:

    Yes, we know first hand what a major decision moving is, especially at our age.
    At 70, Ellen moved from Anchorage to Albany, and Jane moved from Toledo to Dallas. It takes time, patience and resilience to create a new “home,” and make new, good friends.

    We just posted a piece on Huff/Post50 about the kinds of life-style options available. We think you’ll find it interesting. Here’s the link:

    Best wishes with your decisions,
    Jane and Ellen

  2. sharon says:

    I could have written your entry. I had so many plans when I retired but I seem to have slipped into taking the easy way out when given choices. I watch too much TV for one. I do not have a mate and I don’t really want one at this point in my life but I love to travel and most of my friends have spouses or do not have the means to pay for trips. I do go on tours alone but it is more fun with a friend. I do have one friend who is willing to leave her mate behind and we traveled to Turkey and have a trip to Italy planned in the fall. I am trying to get an arts and craft room together so I can start some projects. I don’t know if you volunteer but I find it rewarded and it adds some structure to my days. I would like to move somewhere that is sunnier more often than Seattle but fear it would be difficult to make new friends. Just wanted you to know that many women probably feel the way we do.
    This blog offers up some excellent suggestions. Best to you. Sharon

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