Positive Aging: What’s the Secret?

Hello friends,

Here’s a link for a webinar I created and presented with my daughter, Gabrielle for our mutual sorority’s Alumnae speaker series. It was a special and rare pleasure to have a project to share with her.

It requires a registration, but there is no charge for it, and no further obligation on your part.

It’s  an intergenerational discussion about aging well…                     You’ll see why we called it “Postive Aging: What’s the Secret?”

It lasts about 38 minutes (a little less if you move the time line during the initial pause as people signed on), so make yourself comfortable for the viewing.

We hope you’ll find it interesting and will share your thoughts and reactions.

My best,      

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2 Responses to Positive Aging: What’s the Secret?

  1. Hi Jane,

    Thank you so much for sharing the webinar. I just turned 70 on January 7th, but enjoyed reading your newsletters since 2016 from Mexico. Now I live in Plymouth, NH, an university town, with large baby boomers population. My husband is a new business professor, I am searching where to use my experience best. So many opportunities, needs and challenges to choose from. I am slowly digesting the opportunities, before I jump.

    The webinar is an eye opener for the big picture information. I already mentioned 70Candles to my fellow baby boomer group, Wise Women in Training here. Try to watch it together. However, I have a question: finding the literature resources – are those charts, books and reference all in your book? Or would it be possible to get the list from you?

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best, Hanna

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