Aging gracefully in the West Indies

Anette, Age 72

I am 72, mixed Asian and living my life to the fullest and I want to share some thoughts with my kindred spirits. I live in a tropical island in the West Indies. I have four grown children who live away from me, and six grands. I no longer babysit, as I have made that abundantly clear a while ago. I love my family..they are my joy and passion, but now I am living for me.. My husband passed away in 2015, so I live alone in my spacious house. I still work part time, I like being alone because being alone has a power few people can handle.

I weigh 127 pounds, petite 5′ 2″, adequately proportioned as well and I am in good health so far. I dress classy, wear 4′ heels and wear appropriate makeup. I am always complimented about my looks for my age and I still attract the opposite sex. I have discovered that I am more in tune with a forty year old guy than one nearer my age. I find them impotent in comparison.

I attribute my health to my continuous use of Premarin, since my menopause at 55 years, which is advised against by health professionals worldwide. My own view is that when your body stops producing estrogens, everything starts shutting down agewise- so what’s the harm in continuing to introduce this remarkable hormone into your system? Personally, the pros far outweigh the cons as evidenced by myself. I am not in any gym, I do a bit of walking now and then. I have a very active social life and I enjoy attending live shows, card games, travelling and I love sharing naughty jokes with my few friends, Actually, I have far outlived my contemporaries,some of whom are still around, but they are not enjoying good health.

I consider myself blessed as I optimistically look forward to another fulfilling year of my life. I never ask for many years, all I want is one more as I fully live in the now. That’s the only sure thing in my life as tomorrow is never promised. My eating habits have always been the same, small quantities several times per day and I partake of everything that I like and want to eat.

I shall appreciate hearing from any 70’s who share similarities with me.


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  1. Cheryl Harris says:

    I fully agree that estrogen replacement can be tremendously beneficial. I had a total hysterectomy at 38 and was on Estrace until my 70th birthday in 2017. My OBGYN surgeon at the time told me his wife took it daily. I finally, very reluctantly, agreed to quit taking it at my last yearly check up. After reading your story, I’m disappointed that I did.
    Thanks for sharing!

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