Our Leader’s Guide now available!

We’re happy to report that in answer to your requests, we have created a new booklet, 70Candles! Gatherings–A Leader’s Guide. It is now available in print at Amazon.com.

We designed it as an aid for those ready to start a 70Candles! discussion group in their geographic area. The Guide contains tips for organizing a gathering of women, and material for conducting an interesting, interactive, 1 1/2 hour group conversation about the joys and challenges of being this age, in this era of extended longevity.

We hope you’ll let us know what you think of it.

Jane and Ellen

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2 Responses to Our Leader’s Guide now available!

  1. Pat Bennett says:

    I can’t find 70 Candles! Gatherings — A Leader’s Guide on Amazon. Where may I buy it? Thanks.

    • Blog Mavens says:

      Spell it like this in the Amazon search box:

      70Candles! Gatherings A Leader’s Guide

      Or just type in Jane Giddan to find it.

      Let us know if you find it useful.
      Jane and Ellen

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