Moving to Venice

Gloria, Soon to be 74

Last year, at age 73, I moved alone to Venice, Florida. Due to an unexpected divorce and a previous down payment on a new home in Florida, I found myself in a new town with one friend, who is 83. I had wintered in Venice with my then husband for several years, and wanted to continue to spend part of the year

Now I am living in Venice full-time.
I left behind in Ohio my two daughters and two granddaughters, plus their husbands.

As I began to settle in, I joined a church and the church choir, I joined the local art center and began taking a water color class, I joined a water aerobics class and a book club. These were all activities I had enjoyed in Ohio. Of course, there I had long time friends with me. Here, I struggle to retain the names of my new friends.

Fortunately, my neighbors are also new to their homes as the area is just being built. I have found them very friendly, helpful when I need an extra hand and fun to be with. We are a multi age community, but my near neighbors are mainly late 50s and up. We have many social events and I join in fully, though most are couples.

The weather has been a boon to my arthritis, and I have no joint pain here. My new friendships, the weather, time to read and paint at my leisure are plusses. Face timing my granddaughters frequently, having calls and visits from friends and relatives has eased the loneliness. But I believe my own desire to be happy, to dwell on the sunshine and the beach, and to stay healthy have been my strongest support. I have two chronic diseases, but have found good physicians and my health has improved since moving.

Challenges exist, but my faith sustains me, and the fact that 2 active choir members are 91 encourages me.

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3 Responses to Moving to Venice

  1. Patricia says:

    You sound like you have a wonderful life now. Bravo. From a 69’r

  2. What an inspiring post. I am also figuring out “what’s next” I’m single, and I flunked retirement twice already. I’m writing a book chapter, which was much easier 10 years ago. You are inspiring me to be more fearless about moving away from my 27 year home I’ve inhabited as a single woman. My kids are in Florida, the West Coast and New England. I found this blog because I once worked with Jane Giddan and I hope I can connect with her. I’m 71. All the best as you navigate your new life.

    • Blog Mavens says:

      Hello Joanne!

      You have, indeed, reached me…

      I’m glad you found your way to our blog. Thanks you for your post.

      Yes, moving at this age offers lots of challenges. As you can see, there has been a lively conversation on the topic here on the blog, and women in our 70Candles! gatherings have much to say about their experiences.

      I hope you have a copy of our book. There’s more inspiration to be found there.

      We left Ohio and moved to the Dallas area to be near our kids and grandkids. It was the right decision for us.

      Keep us posted on your progress.

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