One day at a time

Sarah, Age 72

I’m 72 years young because I feel like I’m sweet sixteen and ready to go anywhere at anytime even when my knees are killing me.

I worked 27 years for a retail store in the training & development department that trained young executives in becoming buyers for the store. I also worked in the video department that put together the scripts for the celebration of Fortnights of different countries. I took an early retirement from there to work at two catholic churches until I turned 65.

I had all kinds of plans of doing this and that when I retired; especially travel was most on my mind. We did do some travelling but found out real quickly that to do that it takes a lot of money, so we slowed down a bit.

My interests are now focused on taking walks when my knees don’t hurt; learning to cook new recipes; doing a little sewing every-once-in-a-while. I have also volunteered to work a couple of days out of the week at the church I attend. What I like the most is spending good quality time with my grandchildren, especially when they don’t have school.

My husband is 75 and we’re so fortunate to be able to do things together, relax and take one-day-at-a-time.

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